julio 24, 2023

Director Joss Gomez announces his next movie, this time it’s a Horror/Thriller movie called «My Movie»

Director Joss Gomez, better know for his movies Team of Two, Among Us and the classic Chikitito Meow is ready to direct his next Horror/Thriller movie called «My Movie»

This movie is a cross between American Psycho, Carrie and The Fabelmans on steroids.  

The amazing cast will show their talents in this amazing and crazy story happening in California in 2014 and 2024

TAGLINE In this movie, guests are expected… to die


Growing up in California a shy, friendless young kid aspires to become a filmmaker as he reaches adulthood, he turns psychopathic and unleashes his revenge killing spree in his movie premiere after being humiliated by his classmates and father for many years.

They hope to start filming soon after the SAG strike and hope you can watch this film soon in a theater near you! Magic Image Productions Presents. My Movie

Produced by Joss Gomez, The Queen Solecito Vazquez, Ricardo Miranda, Cesar Gomez, Augusto Guto Gomez and Chikitito.

Consulting Producer Jeff Rice.

Written and Directed by Award winner Joss Gomez.

By Susan Smith